More rewarding financial futures for everyone.

Take control of your money and achieve your financial goals. It's free, easy, and jargon free. Start feeling good about your money now.

Our Leadership Team

Our team has worked for PayPal, T-Mobile, Uber, LinkedIn, and Samsung. Together, we have built more than 10 businesses. More important, we are 100% committed to changing people's relationship with their money.

Employee Well-Being requires Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness has significant impacts on all other aspects of wellness, from Physical Wellness to Social and Community.


Dad, Husband & Entrepreneur


Dad, Husband & CEO

The five well-being elements are interdependent and reinforce one another. When employees are thriving in multiple elements, it becomes easier for them to accomplish things that are in their own best interest ...*

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We are on a mission to use the latest technology to empower people to build a healthier relationship with their finances for a more rewarding today and tomorrow.

Honest and unbiased advice on your income, expenses, savings, goals, debt, and even emergency planning. All in one place.

Learn how to build a budget that takes into consideration your current needs and your future goals. Pay yourself first.


Build a smarter budget that considers your current needs as well as your long-term goals.

Plan for anything in your plans. Instantly learn what's possible and learn how to make things work. From a sabbatical to retirement.

Goal Planning

From a baby to a sabbatical, easily personalize your goals and learn about their costs and savings needs.

Financial Wellness has significant impacts on all aspects of wellness.

* Ed O'Boyle and Jim Harter (2014), Why Your Workplace Wellness Program Isn't Working, GALLUP, May 13th.


Totally personalized to help you with all aspects your finances, not just Retirement.

Learn about good and bad debt. Learn how to use debt to lower your taxes and lower your expenses.

Debt Management

Not all debt is the same. Eliminate bad debt and optimize good debt to reduce taxes.

Learn how to get more form what you already have by minimizing your tax burden.

Tax Optimization

Get more from what you already have. Minimize your income taxes and avoid year-end surprises.

Learn how to lower your risk and how to use insurance to protect your plans.

Insurance and Risk

Learn what insurance you need based on your situation and what amount of coverage is sufficient.

Learn if you will need to make special plans for your estate.  Learn what options you have.

Estate Planning

Whether your legacy involves charity and/or your family, we will help you put a plan in place.


Everyone has the right to know what their financial future holds regardless of aptitude, education, or income.

Learn what other people like you do about their finances, how they sped, invest, and other personal finances.


Everyone should have access to robust financial tools regardless of their age, net worth, or assets.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to get advice that is better informed than traditional financial advisors.

Complete financial planning without the appointments, fees, or jargon.


Alex Samano

Co-Founder & CEO

Parker Kuncl

UX and Creative Lead

Sasha Ovsiankin

Co-Founder & CTO

AI Technology

AI is the ultimate enabler and the key to lowering the cost of financial services to extend their reach and availability.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to get advice that is better informed than traditional financial advisors.


Everyone should have the information to independently make good money decisions regardless of their education.

See how today's money choices will look like next year, decade, and beyond.

Our core beliefs