It's time to take control of your financial future.

Take control of your money and achieve your financial goals. It's free, easy, and jargon free. Start feeling good about your money now.

Our Leadership Team

Our team has worked for Merrill Lynch, T-Mobile, Uber, LinkedIn, Expedia, and Amazon. Together, we have built more than 10 businesses. More important, we are 100% committed to changing people's relationship with their money.

Employee Well-Being requires Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness has significant impacts on all other aspects of wellness, from Physical Wellness to Social and Community.


Dad, Husband & Entrepreneur


Dad, Husband & CEO

The five well-being elements are interdependent and reinforce one another. When employees are thriving in multiple elements, it becomes easier for them to accomplish things that are in their own best interest ...*

Life Dream borrows from well known Wealth Management methods to help people reach Financial Security.

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Get a holistic financial picture of today and tomorrow.

Build a life-long plan to support all your goals.

Start with your current finances and add all your future goals. From a baby through retirement, we make it easy to know what you can afford.

Learn if your current and on-going savings will be enough to meet your long-term plans and how you spend compared to other people like you.

Stop wondering if you spend too much or too little.

Add any goal to learn what you need to save and what it will cost.

Quickly pick your goals from our goals library, learn about what they will cost and the savings you need. Finally, easily personalize it to fit your plans. 

Instantly learn how much you need to be savings for a goal and how much future cash flow you will need to have to support it.
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See how your current finances will look like next year, decade, and beyond. Test your financial decisions, try different scenarios, and build a plan for a stronger tomorrow.

We make it easy to find out the state of your current finances and how they will support your future plans.

Bank level encryption

Easily take back control of your current finances.

We make it easy to figure out where your money goes and build a picture of your current monthly and yearly finances - from income and expenses to taxes. 

Total Income $230,700, Fixed Expenses -$144,600, Variable Expenses -$35,160, Savings for Goals -$32,200, Yearly Balance $18,660
Learn how to build a budget that takes into consideration your current needs and your future goals. Pay yourself first.


Build a smarter budget that considers your current needs as well as your long-term goals.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to get advice that is better informed than traditional financial advisors.

Completely Automated

We use Artificial Intelligence to give you reliable advice at a fraction of the cost of traditional advisors.

Plan for anything in your plans. Instantly learn what's possible and learn how to make things work. From a sabbatical to retirement.

Goal Planning

From a baby to a sabbatical, easily personalize your goals and learn about their costs and savings needs.

See how today's money choices will look like next year, decade, and beyond.

Try multiple What ifs?

 Try different scenarios in minutes and instantly see their outcome 5, 20 or more years in the future.

Financial Wellness has significant impacts on all aspects of wellness.

* Ed O'Boyle and Jim Harter (2014), Why Your Workplace Wellness Program Isn't Working, GALLUP, May 13th.

Use the Life Planner to put together a life-long financial plan. Instantly see how your cash flow and savings will change over-time.

Alex Samano

Co-Founder & CEO

Sasha Ovsiankin

Co-Founder & CTO

Alex Podymskiy

Software Development & Engineering Lead

Frank Brannen

Computational Finance & Modeling

Alix Han-Smith

User Experience & Design Lead Advisor

David Christian

Financial Planning Lead Advisor

Our Budget Planner is the easiest way to figure out where your money goes and find opportunities in your day-to-day finances.

Totally personalized to help you with all aspects your finances, not just Retirement.

Learn about good and bad debt. Learn how to use debt to lower your taxes and lower your expenses.

Debt Management

Not all debt is the same. Eliminate bad debt and optimize good debt to reduce taxes.

Learn how to get more form what you already have by minimizing your tax burden.

Tax Optimization

Get more from what you already have. Minimize your income taxes and avoid year-end surprises.

Learn how to lower your risk and how to use insurance to protect your plans.

Insurance and Risk

Learn what insurance you need based on your situation and what amount of coverage is sufficient.

Learn if you will need to make special plans for your estate.  Learn what options you have.

Estate Planning

Whether your legacy involves charity and/or your family, we will help you put a plan in place.

Pay only for what you use, nothing more.

Plan as far out as you need.  No time limits and always free.  We are committed to happier finances.


FREE always

Get expert advice to get more from your money - from taxes and debt, to savings and insurance.



and up


Follow your plan's progress and let our experts monitor economic trends for opportunities or changes.


monthly fee 


Take control of your financial future

Long or short-term, we help you make the financial decisions to make your future happen.


Dad, Husband & Entrepreneur

“I always wanted to take a few years to work on a startup, but I needed to know how it would affect our long-term plans. I found out with Life Dreams in under 20 min.”

Entrepreneur that needs to know how long he has before profits


“We both work, and we wanted to know if one of us could stay-at-home with our new baby without making radical changes to our future plans. Life Dreams gave us the answer.”

New dad wanting to know if someone can stay ast home

Planning for a Baby


Dad, Husband & CEO

“Our finances were feeling a bit out-of-control. I needed a way to get control back and make sure we were on the right path. Voila! Did it in a couple of hours thanks to Life Dreams.

Needs to control expenses to save more for retirement.

Budget Control


Mom, Wife & Marketing VP

Life Dreams is built from the ground-up to be done by yourself, give personalized help, and be totally automated.

Learn what other people like you do about their finances, how they sped, invest, and other personal finances.

Peer Comparisons

Learn how you spend compared to people just like you. No more useless national averages.

Looking for a Financial Wellness Platform for work?


Yes, we have one your team will absolutely love.

Looking for a Financial Wellness Platform for work?

Yes, we have one your team will absolutely love.

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